Press release about PlanetData's sponsorship of the Open Data Challenge


PlanetData is proud to sponsor the Open Data Challenge being coordinated by Jonathan Gray from the Open Knowledge Foundation and Paul Meller from the Open Forum Academy, under the auspices of the Share PSI initiative.

This is a significant competition, with significant prizes totalling €20,000 for ideas, applications, visualizations and datasets! Interested submitters have until June 5 (midnight) to make their submission.

Like the PlanetData Network of Excellence, this challenge has as its goal to encourage further publication of public data, collect innovative visualizations of and applications based upon this data and gather proposals of new ideas around how public data could be reused. PlanetData is likewise committed to enabling publication of large scales of data on the Web in a structured, re-usable manner, providing eased access to tools and tutorials for reusing those large scales of published data in new and interesting ways, and makes during its four year duration several calls for new projects funding innovative approaches to publishing and consuming this data. For more information about PlanetData, see