PlanetData participated in the Eurostat Hackday and created an RDF wrapper


The Eurostat Hackday [1] is one of the largest source of statistical information about European member states. It contains detailed comparative information on everything. The event took place on Thursday, December 16, 2010 in Edinburgh. Main purpose of this event is gathering a bunch of independent coders, designers and other interested parties in a number of different European cities to brainstorm and build useful and interesting things using the Eurostat data. One of PlanetData NoE partners, Andreas Harth [2], has joined the event. The results are: The Eurostat RDF wrapper now describes the data using the RDF Data Cube [3] vocabulary by DERI, which provides an intuitive way of describing the data. E.g., see [4]. From there you can also visit another result from our location, a map visualization of the data.