PlanetData Call 2

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Strategic Event

An one day strategic meeting was held successfully in Vienna to address the possible topics of the Planet Data Call 2. Around 15 participants came together to hear presentations by 6 prominent speakers invited to give a talk during this workshop, namely Ian Horrocks, Peter Mika, Guus Schreiber, Frank van Harmelen, Peter Boncz, and Orri Erling. 4 papers were submitted to the workshop, namely:

  • Leonhard Maqua: "The EC Position"
  • Freddy Lecue: "Capturing the Pulse of Cities, A Robust Stream Data Reasoning Approach"
  • Mihaly Heder: "Sztakipedia and PlanetData"
  • Vedran Sabol: "Knowledge Extraction and Integration"

The result of this workshop was an agreement that the PlanetData second call should mix research and impact topics in a broader manner than the first call, addressing possible areas such as data integration. Also it was decided to hold further roadmapping workshops in 2012 in advance of the publication of Call 2.