OnTheMove Federated Conferences & Workshops - META4eS 2014

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Abstract submissions deadline: July 1, 2014
The future e-Society - renamed “OnTheMoveSociety” in the context of Meta4eS - is an e-inclusive society based on the extensive use of digital technologies at all levels of interaction between its members. It is a society that evolves based on knowledge and that empowers individuals by creating virtual communities that benefit from social inclusion, access to information, enhanced participation, interaction and freedom of expression, among other. This leads to radical changes in the dynamics and the interaction between its members, determining new economic scenarios.
 In this context, the role of the World Wide Web and the information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the way people and organisations exchange information and interact in the social cyberspace is crucial. Large amounts of structured data – Big (Open) Data – are being generated, published and shared and a growing number of services and applications emerge from it. More at: http://www.onthemove-conferences.org/index.php/meta4es-2014