Topology of the Web of Data

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, 29 February, 2012
Published in: 
Semantic Search over the Web
Christian Bizer, Pablo N. Mendes, Anja Jentzsch

This chapter is published in De Virgilio, Roberto; Guerra, Francesco; Velegrakis, Yannis: "Semantic Search over the Web". ISBN 978-3-642-25007-1. Find this book on Springer.


Over the last years, an increasing number of web sites have started to embed structured data into HTML documents as well as to publish structured data directly on the Web according to the Linked Data principles. This trend has led to the extension of the Web with a global data space – the Web of Data. As the classic document Web, the Web of Data covers a wide variety of topics ranging from data describing people, organizations and events, over products and reviews to statistical data provided by governments as well as research data from various scientific disciplines.