TELEIOS: A Database-Powered Virtual Earth Observatory

Publication Date: 
Friday, 31 August, 2012
Published in: 
38th International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB2012)
M.Koubarakis, K.Kyzirakos, M.Karpathiotakis, C.Nikolaou, S.Vassos, G.Garbis, M.Sioutis, K.Bereta, D.Michail, C.Kontoes, I.Papoutsis, T.Herekakis, S.Manegold, M.Kersten, M.Ivanova, H.Pirk, Y.Zhang, M.Datcu, G.Schwarz, O.C.Dumitru, D.E.Molina, K.Molch, U.D.

TELEIOS is a recent European project that addresses the need for scalable access to petabytes of Earth Observation data and the discovery and exploitation of knowledge that is hidden in them. TELEIOS builds on scientific database technologies (array databases, SciQL, data vaults) and Se- mantic Web technologies (stRDF and stSPARQL) imple- mented on top of a state of the art column store database system (MonetDB). We demonstrate a first prototype of the TELEIOS Virtual Earth Observatory architecture, using a forest fire monitoring application as example.

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