Linked Open Data - Introduction to the Special Theme

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, 15 January, 2014
Published in: 
ERCIM News 2014(96) (2014)
Irini Fundulaki, Sören Auer


The Linked Data paradigm has emerged as a powerful enabler for publishing, enriching and sharing data, information and knowledge in the Web. It offers a set of best practices that promote the publication of data on the Web using semantic web technologies such as URIs and RDF, support the exchange of structured data to be done as easily as the sharing of documents, allow the creation of typed links between Web resources and offer a single, standardized access mechanism. In particular, the Linked Data shift is based on (1) using Universal Resource Identifiers (URIs) for identifying all kinds of “things”, (2) making these URIs accessible via the HTTP protocol and (3) providing a description of these things in the Resource Description Format (RDF) along with (4) URI links to related information.

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