Exposing Real World Information for the Web of Things

Publication Date: 
Monday, 28 March, 2011
Published in: 
8th International Workshop on Information Integration on the Web
Alexandra Moraru, Matevz Vucnik, Maria Porcius, Carolina Fortuna, Mihael Mohorcic, and Dunja Mladenic

JSI has published a paper related to the PlanetData activity in sensor data generation and annotation. It is published for the Eighth International Workshop on Information Integration on the Web in conjunction with 20th International WWW Conference in HICC, Hyderabad, India.


In this paper, we propose a SemSense architecture for collecting real world data from a physical system of sensors and publishing it on the Web, thus contributing to the Web of Things. SemSense comprises of four components: (1) the data collection component, (2) the storage component (3) the semantic enrichment component and (4) the publishing component, which are described and implemented for an existing deployment of a sensor network. Through these components, the real world data is collected from the physical devices, processed, equipped with semantic information and published on the Web. The paper addresses challenges of efficiently collecting data and meta-data from sensors and publishing it following the linked data principles.

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