Effective and Efficient Online Communication: The Channel Model

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, 25 July, 2012
Published in: 
International Conference on Data Technologies and Applications DATA 2012
Fensel Anna (UIBK), Fensel Dieter (UIBK), Birgit Leiter (UIBK), Andreas Thalhammer (UIBK)

We discuss the challenge of scalable dissemination approach in a world where the number of communication channels and interaction possibilities is growing exponentially, particularly on the Web, Web 2.0, and semantic channels. Our goal is to enable smaller organizations to fully exploit this potential. We have developed a new methodology based on distinguishing and explicitly interweaving content and communication as a central means for achieving content reusability and thereby scalability over various, heterogeneous channels. Here, we present in detail the communication channel model of our approach.

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