CLODA: A Crowdsourced Linked Open Data Architecture

Publication Date: 
Monday, 3 June, 2013
Published in: 
Proceedings of the 1st IEEE International Workshop on Mobile Data Management Mining and Computing on Social Networks" (Mobisocial '13), collocated with IEEE MDM'13
G. Larkou, J. Metochi, G. Chatzimilioudis and D. Zeinalipour-Yazti

In this paper we present our Crowdsourced Linked Open Data Architecture (CLODA), a first attempt to combine crowdsourcing, localization and location-based services to generate, collect, validate and relate real-world, geo-spatial and multidimensional information using smartphones and other mobile devices. CLODA focuses on the construction of URI addressable, interlinked and semi-structured data following the Linked-Open Data (LOD) paradigm. The validity of the constructed data is then contributed by a participating crowd. We present our prototype implementation on top of Google Maps and a blend of in-house technologies, particularly our indoor positioning framework, coined Airplace, our trajectory similarity framework, coined SmartTrace, our neighborhood detection framework, coined Proximity and our smartphone testing platform coined SmartLab.

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