Applying SPARQL-DQP for federated SPARQL querying over Google Fusion Tables

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, 28 May, 2013
Published in: 
The Semantic Web: ESWC 2013 Satellite Events, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 7955
Freddy Priyatna, Carlos Buil-Aranda and Oscar Corcho


Google Fusion Tables (GFT) is a data management, integration and visualization service provided by Google. Users can upload their structured data, integrate it with other people’s data, and visualize it on various tools provided, such as Google Maps, charts or graphs. Every GFT table constitutes a data silo that is not commonly linked to other data sources. A way to enable data to be linked and reused is by exposing it as (virtual) RDF dataset (for instance, using R2RML) and to query it using SPARQL. In this work, we present a system that exposes GFT tables as SPARQL endpoints, enabling federated SPARQL queries with data from other SPARQL endpoints.