Abstract Access Control Model for Dynamic RDF Datasets

Publication Date: 
Thursday, 7 June, 2012
Published in: 
European Data Forum (EDF) 2012
Giorgos Flouris, Irini Fundulaki, and Vassilis Papakonstantinou

This paper was published in Proceedings of the European Data Forum (EDF) 2012 took place on June 6-7, 2012 in Copenhagen (Denmark) at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS).


Given the increasing amount of sensitive RDF data available on the Web, it becomes increasingly critical to guarantee secure access to this content. Access control is complicated when RDFS inference rules and other dependencies between access permissions of triples need to be considered; this is necessary, e.g., when we want to associate the access permissions of inferred triples with the ones that implied it. In this paper we advocate the use of abstract provenance models that are defined by means of abstract tokens operators to support fine grained access control for RDF graphs. The access label of a triple is a complex expression that encodes how said label was produced (i.e., the triples that contributed to its computation). This feature allows us to know exactly the effects of any possible change, thereby avoiding a complete recomputation of the labels when a change occurs. In addition, the same application can choose to enforce different access control policies or, different applications can enforce different policies on the same data, avoiding the recomputation of the label of a triple. Preliminary experiments have shown the applicability and benefits of our approach.

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