Stream reasoning for Linked Data Tutorial @ISWC2014

Presentation Date: 
Sunday, 19 October, 2014
Presented at: 
ISWC 2014

The goal of the Stream Reasoning for Linked Data tutorial is twofold: to (1) introduce scalable reasoning and querying techniques to SW researchers as powerful tool to make use of linked data and large-scale ontologies, and to (2) present interesting research problems for SW that arise in reasoning with highly dynamic data streams [DCvF09,RPZ10a]. The tutorial consists of five parts. It will begin with an introduction of linked data streams, as well as reasoning using the Semantic Web standard ontology language OWL 2. The second part will introduce semantic processing of data streams explained using C-SPARQL, a continuous extension of SPARQL for querying RDF streams and RDF graphs. The third part will provide an overview of ontology-based access to data streams through query rewriting to Stream Processing Engines and using stream-to-ontology mappings. The fourth part of the tutorial is a hands-on session on tools and systems related to the previous parts. The fith part of the tutorial will present other stream reasoning techniques for RDFS and OWL2-RL. The last part will wrap up the tutorial and present an overview of the open challenges.

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