Combining reasoning on Semantic Web metadata

Presentation Date: 
Tuesday, 19 August, 2014
Presented at: 
ECAI 2014

Type: Poster

Abstract: As the amount of available linked data expand and the number of related applications increases, the management of aspects such as provenance and access control of such data begin to become an issue. Current approaches do not provide sufficient support for automatic reasoning over different metadata types and their possible interdependencies. MetaReasons is a framework that supports representation and automated reasoning over metadata in a single logical formalism. Different types of metadata, like data-provenance and accessibility-restrictions, are represented as distinct meta-theories and dependencies between metadata types are represented by rules between different meta-theories. In this paper we present the definition of the MetaReasons framework and two examples meta-theories for provenance and access control. Moreover, we propose a materialization calculus for forward reasoning on the two aspects.