Third ESWC Summer School, Crete, September 2013 – Open for Registration!

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External Event

The third ESWC Summer School will take place the beautiful village of Kalamaki Crete 2nd – 7th September, 2013. The overall goal for this event is to provide intensive training and networking opportunities for the next ESWC generation. In particular we wish to facilitate the creation of a new cohort of ESWC: Master's, Ph.D. students and junior researchers who will in time become the next leaders of the ESWC conference and of the Linked Data/Semantic Web research area in general.

The topics of the ESWC summer school will be aligned with the most prominent and emerging topics of the ESWC conference. This year our topics are aligned with the latest developments in Linked Data and also with Big Data.
Closing date for registration: June 7th, 2013
•      Stefan Decker, DERI, National University of Ireland
•      Steffen Staab, University of Koblenz-Landau
•      Kieron O’Hara, University of Southampton
•      Vassilis Christophides, University of Crete
•      Dan Brickley, Free University of Amsterdam
•      Aiden Hogan, DERI, National University of Ireland
•      Barry Norton, Ontotext
•      Elena Simperl, University of Southampton
•      John Domingue, KMi, The Open University and STI International
•      Elena Simperl, University of Southampton
Learning materials are provided by the EUCLID Project.