SDM VideoJournal Inaugural Issue Annoucement

Dear speakers,

I would like to inform you that your video abstract given at the ISWC 2012 has been included in the inaugural issue of the "Video Journal of Semantic Data Management Abstracts - Volume 1" sponsored by the European project PlanetData and published at VideoLectures.Net. 

We have also added to your video abstracts the original papers which were to be found at the ISWC 2012 website (Link).

We are very excited about this first issue and feel this new initiative has an immense potential in the Semantic Web community. We also welcome your help for the creation of future volumes and therefore we hope you will be part of the next round of submissions and encourage you to give us any feedback about your experience with this initiative.


Best wishes

Oscar, Elena and John

Editors-in-Chief of the Special issue of the Video Journal of Semantic

Data Management Abstracts dedicated to the ISWC 2012 tracks