Result of PlanetData First Call

To extend the network of excellence with new funded partners, the PlanetData consortium has been running a call for project proposals on the topic of “Consuming Linked Data”, open from January 1st to February 16th, 2011, 17:00 CET. 37 proposals have been received and 36 were valid and evaluated according to scientific and/or technological excellence, quality, and impact.

PlanetData is now pleased to announce that as a result of the evaluation process three proposals were strong enough to be accepted and are now invited to negotiations to join the PlanetData Consortium.

The three invited winning proposals for funding are:

  • “Consuming and Quality Assessment of Linked Data in Urban Environments through Games with a Purpose” led by CEFRIEL.

Abstract: UrbanGames is a proposal to build a linked data-empowered application for tourists moving in the context of an urban environment. The application will be released as a location-based mobile app, in order to be operated while “on the go” to provide urban exploration paths to users. UrbanGames application will be shaped as a Game with a Purpose (GWAP), i.e. an interactive gaming application that serves the double purpose of entertaining the tourists and gathering high-quality data about the urban environment through social computation. The game will propose a set of simple challenges and quizzes to users; by participating to the game and answering to the questions/challenges, users will provide valuable information about the urban environment they are moving in. As such, UrbanGames will be able (1) to consume existing “clean” urban linked data, (2) to assess and improve urban linked data of “doubtful” quality and (3) to produce new “unknown” urban linked data. The result will be a clean and exploitable urban-related dataset that can be of interest for several different stakeholders: local authorities for governmental policy purposes, local businesses for marketing/attractiveness analysis and visitors services for tourism information.

  • “Consuming and Improving Norwegian Linked Open Data for Regional Development and Environmental Friendly Behavior” led by Computas AS.

Abstract: With Norway being one of the few countries outside of the English speaking world with a clear governmental strategy and commitment to open data, combined with one of the highest Internet penetration and mobile access in Europe, it offers interesting opportunities for becoming a great testbed for consuming Linked Open Data (LOD). With this project we aim at establishing such a testbed – PlanetData-NorthPole – by creating applications consuming Norwegian LOD and showing practical benefits of aggregating open data. This will be achieved by developing two case studies in highly sensitive domains for governments and the general public such as regional development and environmental friendly behaviour, and then offer the gained experience to other countries interested in applying LOD in such domains. By developing the case studies we will not only demonstrate the benefits of open data, but will also make contributions to the improvement and extension of the Norwegian LOD.

  • “ParkMe: Linked Open Parking Data” led by Open University.

Abstract: ParkMe is a mobile and Web application that combines geographic data and parking space information with user location, social networks and other data sources in order to let its users conveniently find parking and related value-add services when coming to work or driving into town. In face of the scarcity of authoritative parking space data, the application crowd-sources the collection of parking data to its users. To work with the multitude of heterogeneous data sources and services, and to generate and publish the crowd-sourced parking data, ParkMe uses state-of-the-art Semantic Web Service technologies—in particular those developed in the EU project SOA4All—that are aimed mainly at integration of online services and Web APIs in distributed applications such as ParkMe. The objective of the project is to showcase the underlying technologies in a Linked Data application that both consumes data from diverse sources and produces linked data of its own. ParkMe is a Web and mobile application that ties crowdsourcing with Linked Data and social networks.

The negotiation process will complete by end of September 2011 and we look forward to the three projects beginning in October 2011.