Linked Data on the Web (LDOW2012)

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External Event

PlanetData partners, Freie Universität Berlin (FUB), Germany, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Spain and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, have involved in organizing and supporting LDOW2012 workshop. The workshop is co-located with the WWW2012 at 16 April, 2012 in Lyon, France.

The Web is continuing to develop from a medium for publishing textual documents into a medium for sharing structured data. In 2011, the Web of Linked Data grew to a size of about 32 billion RDF triples, with contributions coming increasingly from companies, governments and other public sector bodies such as libraries, statistical bodies or environmental agencies. In parallel, Google, Yahoo and Bing have established the initiative, a shared set of schemata for publishing structured data on the Web that focuses on vocabulary agreement and low barriers of entry for data publishers. These developments create a positive feedback loop for data publishers and highlight new opportunities for commercial exploitation of Web data.

In this context, the LDOW2012 workshop provides a forum for presenting the latest research on Linked Data and driving forward the research agenda in this area. We expect submissions that discuss the deployment of Linked Data in different application domains and explore the motivation, value proposition and business models behind these deployments, especially in relation to complementary and alternative techniques for data provision (e.g. Web APIs, Microdata, Microformats) and proprietary data sharing platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LastFM).