Tutorial on Scalable Integration and Processing of LinkedData

Start date: 
Tuesday, 29 March, 2011
End date: 
Tuesday, 29 March, 2011

Hyderabad, India

The tutorial on Scalable Integration and Processing of Linked Data took place at the 20th World Wide Web Conference.

The tutorial was presented by PlanetData together with the LarKC (EU project) partners on March 29th, 2011 in Hyderabad, India. The presenters are: Andreas Harth of PlanetData together with Aidan Hogan, Spyros Kotoula and Jacopo Urbani from LarKC.

Abstract of the tutorial:

"The goal of the tutorial was to introduce, motivate and detail techniques for integrating heterogeneous structured data from across the Web. As such, the tutorial focused on Linked Data publishing and related Semantic Web technologies and standards, introducing scalable techniques for crawling, indexing and automatically integrating structured heterogeneous Web data through reasoning."

Slides about this tutorial can be found online at http://sild.cs.vu.nl/http://sild.cs.vu.nl/


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