Tutorial on RDF-Stream Processing at ESWC 2014

Start date: 
Sunday, 25 May, 2014
End date: 
Thursday, 29 May, 2014

The tutorial provides a comprehensive view of the RDF-Stream Processing (RSP) research area. It consists of four parts. The first one introduces the RSP basic concepts: RDF streams to represent temporally-ordered sequence of data items; continuous SPARQL extensions to query RDF streams, and RSP engines to execute continuous query answering over RDF streams. The second part presents the available RSP engine implementations. It starts with an overview on the existing RSP engines, highlighting similarities and differences among them. Next, two existing implementations are analysed in depth: C-SPARQL and SPARQLstream. The third part is a hands-on session where the attendees learn how to (1) use the three presented RSP engines presented above and (2) let the systems interact among them. Finally, the fourth part of the tutorial provides an overview on RSP-related topics: RSP engine benchmarking, stream reasoning and real-world deployments. The tutorial closes with a discussion on the open challenges and the research problems of this research field.


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