Semantic Web Challenge at International Semantic Web Conference 2013 (ISWC2013)

Start date: 
Monday, 21 October, 2013
End date: 
Friday, 25 October, 2013

Sydney, Australia

The members of PlanetData consortium are co-organizing the Semantic Web Challenge at ISWC 2013.

The overall objective of the challenge is to apply Semantic Web techniques in building online end-user applications that integrate, combine and deduce information needed to assist users in performing tasks. Intentionally, the challenge does not define specific task, data set, application domain or technology to be used because the potential applicability of the Semantic Web is very broad. Instead, a number of minimal criteria have been defined which allow people to submit a broad range of applications. In addition to the criteria, a number of specific desires have been formulated. The more desires are met by the application, the higher the score will be. The Semantic Web Challenge Advisory Board also defines an additional goal every year based on the development of the Challenge.


More information regarding the Challenge could be found on the website:



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