Extremely Large DataBases (XLDB) Europe 2011

Start date: 
Wednesday, 8 June, 2011
End date: 
Friday, 10 June, 2011

Edinburgh, Scotland

PlanetData partner CWI has participated the Extremely Large DataBases (XLDB) Europe 2011, held in Edinburgh, UK, on June 08-10, 2011.

The XLDB series of workshops has been led by Jacek Becla at SLAC. The recent workshop XLDB4 experienced such a demand that this satellite XLDB workshop is held in Europe, with Jacek's support, between the annual workshops. This workshop will bring together those with very demanding data challenges and those researchers and solution providers who are developing systems to address such challenges. We seek a balanced and stimulating discussion of i) the current state of the art, ii) current and anticipated data challenges, iii) work on advancing data handling technology, and iv) strategies for surmounting current hurdles. The workshop provides a meeting place for database researchers, for businesses with advanced solutions and for those from many research disciplines, industries and organizations who need to urgently address real data challenges.


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