Curriculum: Semantic Technology

1. Semantic Web Foundations

a. A Short History of Knowledge Systems
b. Birth of the Semantic Web
c. Semantic Applications
d. Core Concepts
e. RDF/S
f. OWL
g. Rules

2. Ontologies and the Semantic Web

a. Ontologies: a brief history
b. Ontology development process
c. Hands-on: use an example and create a requirements document
d. Knowledge elicitation
e. Hands-on: formulate competency questions, carry out interviews, and make first draft of ontology
f. Ontology creation (tools)
g. Ontology design
h. Hands-on: create ontology in the chosen editor

3. Application Development

a. Semantic Web Application Framework
b. Development frameworks
c. Development methodologies
d. Creating the Semantic Web
e. Storing the Semantic Web
f. Creating Semantic Web clients
g. Querying the Semantic Web
h. An application example, e.g. a semantic web portal

4. KR and Reasoning on the Semantic Web

a. Core concepts in reasoning and logic
b. Description Logic-based Knowledge Representation
c. RDFS and Taxonomic reasoning
d. OWL semantics
e. Hands on session: seeing inferences using an ontology editor and a reasoner
f. Reasoners for the Semantic Web
g. Logic Programming
h. Semantic Web and Logic Programming

5. Ontology Lifecycle

a. Ontology lifecycle
b. Collaboratively developing an ontology
c. Finding ontologies
d. Ontology modularisation
e. Re-using ontologies
f. Ontology evaluation
g. Ontology refinement
h. Ontology evolution and versioning

6. Semantic Web Services

a. From Web Services to Semantic Web Services
b. Adding Semantics to existing services: SAWSDL
c. OWL-S
d. The WSM stack
e. Semantic Web Service application deployment
f. Hands-on: creating a WSMO service with WSMT
g. Hands-on: discovering and executing WSMO services with WSMX
h. Hands-on: creating SWS with IRS-III and WSMO Studio

7. Semantic Web Services in Depth

a. SWS matching
b. SWS mediation
c. SWS orchestration
d. SWS choreography
e. SWS co-ordination
f. Trust and agreement between services
g. Capturing business rules
h. Capturing business processes