Curriculum: Linked Data


a. The Data Deluge
b. The Rationale for Linked Data
c. Intended Audience
d. Introducing Big Lynx Productions

1. Principles of Linked Data

a. The Principles in a Nutshell
b. Naming Things with URIs
c. Making URIs Defererencable
d. Providing Useful RDF Information
e. Including Links to other Things

2. The Web of Data

a. Bootstrapping the Web of Data
b. Topology of the Web of Data

3. Linked Data Design Considerations

a. Using URIs as Names for Things
b. Describing Things with RDF
c. Publishing Data about Data
d. Choosing and Using Vocabularies
e. Making Links with RDF

4. Recipes for Publishing Linked Data

a. Linked Data Publishing Patterns
b. The Recipes
c. Additional Approaches to Publishing Linked Data
d. Testing and Debugging Linked Data
e. Linked Data Publishing Checklist

5. Consuming Linked Data

a. Deployed Linked Data Applications
b. Architecture of Linked Data Applications
c. Effort Distribution between Publishers, Consumers and Third